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For many decades Gordon River Cruises operated a very successful 200 plus seat cruise into the far reaches of the Tasmania’s World Heritage Wilderness. The cruise which takes travellers up the famous Gordon River was operating with competitive parity on price for main seat experience. The challenge to David Inches and Simon Currant was i) should GRC purchase another vessel and continue in direct competition or ii) can GRC differentiate to strengthen the customer experience and increase yield.


he primary steps were to understand i) the existing traveller on Gordon River Cruises and ii) the potential traveller with a revised experience offer. The experience evolution journey identified the opportunity to differentiate and earn an elevated ticket price on both the Lower and the Premium Upper Deck. The heartbeat of this differentiation was a customer-focused experience that paid tribute to the outstanding natural values of the Gordon River. The new concept included the southern hemispheres first hybrid engine to cruises guests in Whisper Mode; colour and window choices that reduced visual impact; sustainable material such as Hydrowood through interiors; more efficient engines with reduced fuel consumption; solar and energy saving technologies; enhanced onboard interpretation. These concepts were sent to market testing and demand forecasting with BDA Marketing Planning.


David Inches and Simon Currant delivered:

  1. Opportunity Assessment

  2. Experience strategy and concept

  3. Demand Forecasting and Business Case

  4. Vessel Build and Deliver (Simon Currant)

  5. OnBoard Interpretation (with Mental Media)

  6. Re-launch Marketing


Since operation in July 2017 the new Spirit of the Wild has:

  • Delivered on all Business Case forecasts with increased passengers, ticket price and yield

  • Won 3 State Tourism Awards

  • Increased Trip Advisor Reviews from 4.5 to 4.8.


“We worked with Dave at Inspired by Marketing through the concept development for our new vessel. Since launch, we have won multiple awards and have been able to continually improve our guest experience. David’s ability to strategise through data and research insights, then apply to experience development was key to the success of our project.” – Gordon River Cruises

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