The Story Teller

Russell has worked to develop Regional Tourism for 30 years. An entrepreneur with formal qualifications and industry experience, he has created and managed several successful tourism businesses and organisations. Russell now runs Savannah Guides as well as consulting on a wide range of Regional Tourism and Business Development Projects.

Savannah Guides is Australia’s leading Tour Guide professional development organisation and can offer a range of training, experience development and ongoing collaborative support.

Savannah Guides works with many of Australia’s leading tourism, environmental and community organisations to pursue its Mission of being an economically sound, community based professional body which maintains high standards of:

  • Interpretation and public education
  • Training and guiding leadership
  • Natural and cultural resource management

and, through the promotion of ecologically sustainable tourism principles, enhances regional lifestyles and encourages the protection and conservation of the natural and cultural resources of the Tropical Savannahs of Northern Australia.