Graphic Design FEB 2021

Last updated: 19 October 2020
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Graphic Design by HubSpot and David Inches


Learn the fundamental concepts of graphic design and how to create simple graphics. This course is taught by experts from the Digital Marketing Institute.

Course Details

3 lessons

10 videos

1 quizzes

1 hour duration

Completing this course will help you

  • Learn the fundamentals of graphic design, from colour theory to composition
  • Create and use a brand style guide for your business
  • Create simple graphics for free with step-by-step training.

How to approach this course

This DIY graphic design course is a partnership between HubSpot and Tourism Tune-Up.

HubSpot will deliver the course and Tourism Tune-Up will deliver additional video commentary to help you apply HubSpot insights to the tourism industry.

Join HubSpot Academy

To register for the free HubSpot Academy and start the Graphic Design Course click here and go to HubSpot Academy.

After each session come back to the corresponding lesson title here on Tourism Tune-Up to receive additional coaching. For example the opening lesson is titled “Graphic Design Principals and Best Practice” and you will see the same lesson list on both HubSpot and this Tune-Up site.