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Marketing Planning

I recently came across an alarming statistic showing that 89% of small business owners recognise a Marketing Plan as a key business success factor… but 75% operate without a Marketing Plan.

A customer centred and commercially grounded Marketing Strategy and Plan is essential to taking control of your marketing to maximise return from investments. This Marketing Planning journey will deliver:

coaching sample

In this example session we build on your view of priority markets by adding customer experience segments:

  • Review the segments supplied including their buying reasons
  • Select experience segments of high attractiveness to your business
  • Rank and weight the segments to form a new view of the target customer mix

launching januarY 2021


Rolling out monthly from January 2021 the following Short Courses are presented in partnership with HubSpot, the world’s largest digital marketing learning platform.  You will complete the HubSpot training modules along with video coaching from myself to help apply Hubspot material to the needs of our Tourism industry.

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